Quick Print


  • What`s your delivery time?

    Please allow us a delivery time of 15 days after uploading final artwork. For larger orders please allow 20 - 25 days.

  • What kind of files do you need?

     Please send us PDF files with 300dpi and embedded fonts.

    You can upload files up to a size of 500MB. Please name the files clearly if you have multiple orders.

  • How`s payment done?

     You can easily pay with your paypal.

  • How`s the print quality?

    We`re printing with 80s screen on modern offset printing machines with CTP plates.

  • Do you have Quality guarantee?

    Quality is part of our printing identity, however, In the case that you are not satisfied with the printing quality we`ll do a reprint for free.

  • Since when is QuickPrinter on the market?

     QuickPrinter was founded 2000 in Germany and has now more than 12years of experience in printing.

  • How can I reach QuickPrinter?

    All orders and questions can be dealt with online. You can contact us through our online chat, by email (admin@quickprinter.com.mt) or by phone (355 050 80)

  • When do I upload my artwork?

    After the order is done and payment is successful, you can press the "Upload Artwork" on top of the page. This will take you to your Order History, and you can upload your artwork to your specific order, by pressing the upload artwork icon on that order.

  • Can I change the billing and shipping addresses?

    Your billing address can be changed at any time by logging in into your account, pressing My Account, and changing your details. Shipping address of a specific order can be changed by contacting us on admin@quickprinter.com.mt. If the order has been shipped, the shipping address cannot be changed. 

  • How can I order through QuickPrinter.com.mt?

    To order a print, kindly go to our Online Shop. Orders are not accepted through email or phone. Resellers kindly contact us on admin@quickprinter.com.mt , or Apply as a Reseller by clicking on the top right of our website.

  • Is transparency accepted in my artwork?

    No, please replace all transparency with a white background. 

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